Animality. ShadowMemory project, Art Night London, 2018

NEW APP and DIGITAL ART PROJECT that invites you to step off the beaten track and head into the URBAN UNKNOWN. A DIVERSE COLLECTION of DIGITAL NARRATIVES are accessed via SHADOWMEMORY app, each one unfolding as the user follows a route, on foot, through a city.

The ever inventive ZIP group are successfully putting Krasnodar, Russia on the art map. Animality, as you might expect, is all about London, but not perhaps as you know it. You will follow a character, a combination of several creatures; dog, artist and policeman. According to Zip, a bit of each of these characters is in us all: Self-control and the internal censor (policeman), absolute freedom and instinct (dog), open-mindedness and globality (artist). On the way you will be challenged with different perspectives and choices of how to behave, perhaps illuminating unexpected things about yourself along the way.

Commissioned by Grad for ShadowMemory

Performances during Art Night London 2018

Check your logic and chat, playing chess near Bishop’s Park. Join the championship – the UCLMD or Underground Chess League’ (after Marcel Duchamp). You can get a free portrait of your four legged friends near The London Eye: bring your dog and we will draw it. Protosport in the sports playground – of new and forgotten exercises.